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Serrang Equestrian inhand show

1year old filly        2nd Filska Tia Maria

2/3year old filly    4th Somahouse Ivy (highest placed 2yr old)

                               6th Filska Zoe

Filska Tia Maria - Reserve Junior Champion

SPSBS Breed Show (Shetland)

Black Ring

Filly Foal            3rd Filska Tianna

Coloured Ring

Gelding               5th Filska Cossack

Stallion               2nd Merkisayre Sea Dancer

                            6th Clivocast Viking

Brood Mare        3rd Bayview Tia

                            6th Musselbrough Isla

Colt Foal             1st Filska Magnus

1year old filly     3rd Filska Tia Maria

2year old filly     2nd Somahouse Ivy

                            4th Filska Zoe


Voe Show

Broodmare        1st Bayview Tia

                            3rd Musselbrough Zola

Filly Foal            2nd Filska Tianna

Colt Foal             1st Filska Zebo

1 year old Filly   1st Filska Tia Maria

2 year old Filly   2nd Somahouse Ivy

                            3rd Filska Zoe

Entire Male      2nd Clivocast Napoleon

Best foal Filska Zebo

Reserve Junior Champion Filska Tia Maria

Reserve Senior Champion Bayview Tia

Progeny 2nd Filska Tia Maria & Filska Zoe

Viking Shetland pony Show

Colt Foal                     1st Filska Magnus

Filly Foal                     3rd Filska Tianna

1yr old Filly                3rd Filska Tia Maria

2yr old Filly                4th Somahouse Ivy

Unst Show

2yr Old Filly            1st Somahouse Ivy

1yr Old Filly            3rd Filska Tia Maria

Lerwick Sale Show

Standard Filly Foal 1st Filska Shelby

Best Filly Foal 

Overall Best Foal 

Reserve Champion 

Best Filly Foal from all Shetland Shows Filska Shelby

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