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Voe Show

Filly Foal- 2nd Filska Searena

3 year old Colt- 1st Clivocast Nacho

Yield Mare- 1st Musselbrough Isla

                  -2nd Musselbrough Zola

Broodmare- 1st Mill of Towie Catrina

Senior Progeny- 1st Musselbrough Isla and Zola

Overall Progeny

Best Black- Musselbrough Zola

Clivocast Nacho- Junior Champion, Reserve overall Champion


Unst Show

3 year old Colt - 1st Merkisayre Sea The Stars

                          -2nd Clivocast Nacho

2 year old colt  - 2nd Ockran Tizer 

Clivocast Nacho photo: June Brown 

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